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Amanda LEAR (PI – Int) – Never Trust A Pretty Face


Former Dali égérie and fashion top model Amanda Lear.

She is a singer and songwriter in her own right as well as television hostess, actress writer and painter. She poses on Roxy Music’s Cover of For Your Pleasure.

Amanda Lear speaks and writes and performs in French, Italian, German and English… making her so much more than your average language expert !


Mostly famous in Europe Amanda Lear sings of love and life and fashion and politics although she could just write a song about… anything. Rock, pop, disco or electro she’s home and returned to her eighties electro style turned past 70 !

She sings in a clear articulate fashion making her easy to understand and sing along.


My track selection includes (could also be included in various sections below):



Follow Me

Darkness And Light

Fabulous (Lover Love Me)



The Stud

Times Up

The Sphinx

Love Boat



Fashion Pack                                                         in FASHION

Never Trust A Pretty Face                                     in FASHION

I Am A Photograph                                                 in FASHION / Pairs

Love Your Body                                                      in FASHION

Mannequin                                                             in FASHION

New York                                                                in TOURISM / Pairs

Japan                                                                      in TOURISM

Tam Tam                                                                in TOURISM

Dreamer (South Pacific)                                         in TOURISM

Credit Card                                                             in MONEY & FINANCE

Gold                                                                        in MONEY & FINANCE

Diamonds (For Breakfast)                                      in MONEY & FINANCE

Intellectually                                                            in TECHNICAL

Black Holes                                                             in TECHNICAL

Red Tape                                                                in WORK & LIFE

It’s A Better Life                                                       in WORK & LIFE

Forget It                                                                   in WORK & LIFE / Pairs

Solomon Gundie                                                      in WORK & LIFE / Kids

Queen Of Chinatown                                               in STORIES

The Lady In Black                                                    in STORIES

Hollywood Flashback                                               in Pairs

Hollywood Is Just A Dream                                      in Pairs




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